Key Commands
 - Fotis 'Mentor' Monos


As a kid, music played a major role in his life. From an early age he took music lessons and was fascinated by the piano. Growing up he was influenced by R&B and soul music. The electronic side of music came a few years later when he discovered soulful house music. It was life changing! He was introduced to a scene where artists like Frankie Knuckles and Louie Vega had an impact on people's minds & bodies by simply using their records! The "bug" of djing was stuck on his heart and mind. He started mixing and making mixtapes for his own pleasure and just a few friends. A close friend, who knew his passion about music and mixing, convinced him to start djing in public. He finally got the chance to play his favourite music and see other people enjoying themselves.After years of djing his musical tastes expanded vastly. Though soulful is still his favourite kind of sound, he is influenced by all the different aspects of electronic music. Soulful, afro, deep, classics...anything that moves a crowd & can make people smile and dance is in his recordbox!He's also been producing his own music. Always pushing his limits & trying to perfect his sound. Up until now he has releases on labels likeQuantize Recordings, Good for You Records, TRAX Records, Soundmen On Wax, Double Cheese Records, Wiggly Worm Records & many more. He has collaborated with great artists like Michelle Weeks, Rescue Poetix, Tantra Zawadi, Craig Stewart & more! His tracks have been supported by many major artists."Whatever happens just put a smile on your face and let's have some fun..." Care to join him?