- Formshift


At young age Gavin got infected by music, started playing vinyl records at the age of 13 and later under his alias D-Spirit he played at numerous parties and festival since the year 2000.After more than 10 years in the hardcore scene he thought it was time for a change, change of sound, change of shape, change of form. Formshift was born! Inspired by pure and genuine music Gavin is continuously looking for new and interesting sounds in his music. The result so far is best described as dark-straight-to-your-face electro. His raw electronic beats are sometimes experimental and slightly alternative, yet incredibly tasty and regularly cut with strong techno in uences. Raw, vulgar, rough, dark and straightforward. Already released several EP’s on highly respected labels such as Bass Agenda, DanceDelicD and Hard Electronics and been picked up by major artists such as Dave Clarke and Neon Electronics to name a few. Now Formshift gets regularly asked to do a remix and some nice projects are coming up, keep a look out on this page there is de nitely more to come! DJ sets of Formshift also have that dark and energetic touch, straightforward and without frills. What you see is what you get!