- Foken


Vlad (a.k.a. Foken) started producing electronic music five or six years ago, trying to enter the neurofunk scene with a heavy and a new fresh sound.Since he was a child, he starded a passion for low frequencies playing with keyboard toys and hitting different objects, just to see how sound change.Twenty one years later, he established in Bristol, UK, to cut through the drum and bass scene with his new style, using a simple PC rig with nothing more than FL Studio and a pair of inear headphones.Working hard on different sound colors and using a huge soundbank that covers all kinds of genres, Foken creates simple sounds that brings back memories, situations, emotions or even fear or anxiety." In my opinion music is very sensitive, a sound can mean different things from a human being to another.Creating a sound makes you the God of your own Universe.It's peoples imagination if they can understand my universe or not. " (F)Currently, Foken is workin on big projects and his next releases will be on big labels. Sounds like Spor, Aeph etc. will be heard.If you really like fresh neurofunk, Foken is definetly the one you should follow.Probably the best electronic music producer from Romania.