- Flx:Mode


Flx:Mode are a Brighton born duo formed a year a ago. Formally Bean & Fi-Chek they changed there name and stepped up their game! Drawing influences from artists across all forms of bass music, they have comprised their own style of mixing and production. Playing regularly in Brighton and the South East for such nights as Supercharged, Strictly Guestlist, Roll Through, Mixed Emotions and Acoustic chemistry. They have gained the reputation of delivering energetic performances and providing floor-destroying mega-ness in the discotheques. Although only January, Flx:mode have already secured releases on Serotone, a remix commission on Oven Ready set to be released mid February this year, and currently working with exciting artists as Matt Rose (front man of the Qemists). With a promising start to 2014 Flx:Mode are fully equipped to rock the dance floor with an armory of original productions and club bangers.