- Flove


FloveDj/Producer(Deep house / House / Trap / EDM)Born on May 25th in Mexico City. Flove always had a passion for music, at the early age of 11 he start playing the piano and so deep into the world of music, when he was 15 years old he discover a new world in the electronic music and start producing his own tracks. Fans and friends describe him as talented and comitted dj that inspires with her passion for the music and love of fans. His productions have taken important music labels worldwide as: +Mas Label, Solitario Records and Red Delicious Records. He merges the power of international icons such as Disclosure, Pep & Rash, Autoerotique, Deepend with Latin-America warmth and passion.His recent tracks like (I Gotta Feel You) was part of the 'Amsterdam 2015' compilation by Solitario Records label andhis latest track (You Want Me) headlined the album "Contacto Vol.5" by +Mas Label.