- Flavio Folco


Flavio Folco was born in 1982 in south of Italy . The passion of music came to him at a very early age. His passion on deejaying all started on his 9th birthday. From t here he was always on point wit h t he evolut ion of music, Flavio Folco thought on developing his own studio, making his own sound of music. This made realize that he also had a passion in electronics. In 2007 creat ed his label FRESH FOOD MUSIC t hat t akes it's name from the famous culinary traditions Parthenopean inspiration and the best taste of music ! This label is calaberated with Angelo Pomposo dj / producer, Parthenopean foreign names like Dave Tarrida (Tresor Rec),Dj Simi, Akira Ishihara Japanese producer and Stewart Walker legendary producer of Electronic Motion and many artist ! Flavio keep on his production on differtent labels Kina Musik, Riabesch Music, Similar Records ,with ep and differents remix.