- Fishadelik


FishadeliK is the new psytrance project from Bruno Carvalho, a young musician who started playing when he was only 8 years old in his local Philharmonic band. As he grew up he was part of several and very different music projects such as ''Triba'' and ''Cold Core''. By the time he was 14, back in 2005, he came across Psychedelic Trance music and fell for it immediately. Its magic and unique vibes dazzled him enough to get him started on his own by mixing and becoming a local DJ. His passion kept growing as well as his skills so he started to play across Portugal. Last year, 2012, and after some experience with production programs, he started to dedicate more seriously to the music production scene, getting to play his Live Act in some of the most emblematic spots of the country. After some intensive work on studio his first EP called Underwater Experiences which has been released at Woorpz Records with the goal to show around to people his style based on the psytrance/full-on scene full of groovy bass-lines involved in melodic & heavy leads. Now in 2013 his main goal is to play as much as he can in order to gain experience and to get closer to his public while he prepares fresh and bombastic news! So stay tuned and get ready for what is coming next!