- First Touch


First Touch is a German Music Production Group and DJ Team, best known for their Boogie and Disco Productions. They are inuenced by HipHop, Soul and House Music. The range includes Boogie, Disco, Modern Funk and Electronica productions which appear on various labels such as Star Creature, Neon Finger or Omega Supreme Records. First Touch’s 2009 self-titled debut album has been awarded pioneering status in the Modern Soul scene, in 2018 it got reissued and is now available to an entirely new crowd of listeners. Recently First Touch released on Soul Clap Records and the Italian label Mother Tongue. Various international renowned radio stations and DJs have shared First Touch's tracks including: BBC Radio 6, NTS, The Lot Radio, Brooklyn Radio, Boiler Room, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Bayerischer Rundfunk Puls, Danny Krivit, Ge-Ology, Marcellus Pittman, Red Greg, Darshan Jesrani, Tom Trago and many others.