- Firestarterz


Firestarterz is the stage name of American-based DJ and Music Producer Mat Farnworth. Mat started Firestarterz in 2006 with David Larsen making a variety of electronic and Hip Hop music. As styles continued to progress, David producing more House music, broke away from the group and teamed up with DJ Brian Blurr to make up "Life +" and Mat Farnworth kept the Firestarterz name dropping his first album in 2010 called "777".Following his #1 release of his 2015 album "Revolution" Firestarterz released his 3rd album less then 1 year later called "Everything Is Evolving" Nov 25th 2016 also taking #1 release in Hip Hop and #1 in Bigroom on Beatport.com! Constantly up at the top of the Beatport charts with the big names like Zomboy, Skrillex, Datsik, Getter, Herobust, Kill The Noise and more! Having huge success with his new album Firestarterz has been packing heat into his live sets and bringing the bass all over the USA from clubs to festivals and private parties, now extending his reach world wide! Trap and 808 filled bass music, along with Dubstep and Hip Hop inspired styles constantly are in Firestarterz live sets. So get ready for an energetic set that will get everyone up and moving!