- Final Djs


Thomas and I are 31 Years old. We started to djing with 14 Years. Tried many of different Styles of Music like Techno,Funk and came back to Housemusic with Daft Punk 1998. After playing in Clubs and Radio - much later in 2010 - we start to produce own tracks.2011 was a cool Year with Gigs...many Blogsupports and first Remixrequests. Also a Release on the Summer Compilation 1 at So French Records for example, finally, in 2012 we released our first own EP called "Gossip Country" with Remixes from people like Justin Faust and we won the Kris Menace and Lifelike Remixcompetition with forthcoming Releases on Compuphonic and Comput er Science.Our Soundcloudpage hits nearly 190.000 Plays and our Remix for MRTN was in the Top10 of the Hypem Chart s wit h over 25.000 Plays in only 1 Mont h. 2 EPs are already in Production and more Collaborations, Remixes will follow. Our Music is much influenced by the 80s (Like Gorgio Moroder,Herbie Hancock,Stevie Wonder,Tangerine Dream to name a few) and modern Electronic Dancemusic