- Fill Scared


fill scared.minsk.belarus.not vegas.but the cable tv thereis.too much.for a too little was written.most of the tracksswims always together..at the beginning expected.that youshould know.what you do.when sit down to write.when lookat the tracks.and don’t look at them.when rushes at them.orbend closer and caress them.then they surround youacross the studio.and bite into,by your same sounds fromyour head.into your head..may seem.you one of themnow.but after the ending.jujube already cool down.and whenlistening for in second circle.fact that you got.every.reallymust understand..what has happened.not ever repeat.andnot ever return.and such a moments.should call the secretjoy.because. this number will not be heldagain.because.everywhere around is nothing.and it will notcome again.and you will write again.because Not to write,ispoorly…!..but your inspiration.already gravestone.