- Fernando Costantini


t took Fernando Costantini quite some time to understand electronic music, to grasp the chemistry between the surrounding sounds and the basslines. During numerous adventures in Europe, where he witnessed tons of parties and festivals, he got inspired by a large number of deejay sets. These events pushed Fernando to take part into electronic music and deejaying as well. Due to his short period in the Hip Hop scene, Fernando has the tendency to build up his music with mechanical, industrial sounds. The biggest inspiration for his productions though he got by the sweet ambience, the delightful human contact and the fine relationships during his travel experiences.Each artist draws his influence ... and sometimes it only takes one night for all this change ... Tini played an important role in the musical influence, giving a sense on every sounds and every atmosphere.Fernando, supported by tINI, Anthea, Igor Vicente, Yaya and many others, maintains a lovely musical corporation with Alexandar Kyosev (Bulgary). Together they are responsible for the impressive releases "Movin On" and "Delimited", released on 1traxx Records and Karton.We also want to point out the polite symphony remix t hat came out on Dana Ruh & Ant hea's label Brouqade supported by big names.Fernando plays a big part towards the label releasing and djing for the Brouqade crew.As well as being fond of fond of local productions made by his friends. For him music needs to be shared!