- Fenix Project


Nuno Henriques aka Lama was born in 1975 in Lisbon – Portugal. He has started his career as an engineer/dj/sound Designer and producer early in 1998 as being one of the pioneers of Trance Music in Portugal introducing later in his dj sets a mix ofmusic styles such as Psy- Trance, Techno, Progressive and Deep House. Currently his music references.In 2000 together with producer and DJ Ramnah, formed Project Z.E.N. Their first EP named “Zero Gravity” was released by Universal Music and played on some key radio stations across the country. Lama interrupted his music career for a few years to his former “standard” job but since 2010 he returned strong, by creating music on his own as an outlet for his creativity.Now with over a decade of producing and sound engineering experience he became well known for his technical ability. But that’s only half of the story; His musical talent also flourished with recent productions receiving widespread support from other Dj’s and Clubbers alike.In the summer of 2010 DJ Lama formed the “Fenix Project“ - followed by the production of his firstsong “Plugin” a fusion of Progressive and Tech House combined with elements from other music styles and which received excellent reviews in all performances. In December 2011 released his first EP called “Plastic House” on Micro Digital Records from London, which received some nice support.In April 2012 edited another track on Micro Digital Records in a Compilation called “Hybrid – RMX’s” with a very minimalistic techno track from “Fenix Project” together with other Portuguese producers like Gustavo Rodrigues (Stereo Addiction) Diogo Ribeiro and Pena enriching their musical influences. In fact “Fenix Project” is synonymous of quality & integrity, reborn from the ashes.DJ Lama performed nearly in every club in Portugal. Top to the bottom. Places like the mythic Alcantra- Mar, Pacha, Vatican, Kremelin and many others... He became resident DJ at Hipnose Productions where he remained for several years performing at major festivals such as “Optimus Hype Meco”Lama had some cool experiences playing abroad, like Ibiza, Italy, Brazil, Mozambique, London, India and a few others. He had some key reviews from his live performances as “Fenix Project” both on his live anddj sets.His great skills as a producer and DJ together with an impeccable taste gave him a strong Dj reputation in Portugal. He played with major dj ́s such as Paul Taylor, Dick Trevor, Mike Maguire, Juno Reactor, Dimitri Nakov, Dino Psaras, Cydonia, Psycatron, D- Sens, Fiord, MOS, Audiojack. Pena, D-Nox & Beckers and many others.In addition to his DJ skills and studio talents DJ Lama is together with Pena, the Manager and A&R of Flow- RecordsIn January 2013 will see released “Substance EP” from Micro Digital Records as well as an Album and other RMX’s for Flow- Records.Stay tuned...