- Felipe Zamudio


As part of the conundrum of reality and while sharing energetic space with all beings in this realm, Felipe Zamudio suddenly realizes the importance of frequencies as a vehicle to express a feeling, thought or an elaborate geometrical equation of consciousness, whether its a message to understand or a physical experience to manifest multi-dimensionally, its a subconscious truth. Dealing with the past, future and present; positive, negative and neutral energy, left, right side and center or electrons, protons and neutrons like everybody else; Felipe takes a dive at life with this theory of trinity and dares himself to find these frequencies that balances out energetic systems and forms reality. T his is about a journey of genuinely resonating with love to attract the right entities, not musical creations to distort and continue to work synthetic beliefs. As this may be a life long process, what will be found in his music will be coded experiences of realization and progress that may or may not agree with three-dimensional physics.