- Felipe Jarrin


Originally from Ecuador, and now based in California, Felipe Jarrin is a music producer who always has been attracted to the analogic sound of synthesizers. His passion started when he was six years old, when his father showed him the album named “Violator” by the English band called “Depeche Mode” released in the 1990s. Since then, Jarrin was captivated by the groovy electronic sounds that were produced before he was born. Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Claude VonStroke were some of the musicians who inspired Jarrin to continue inquiring his passion on this brand new music scene. Jarrin started growing a fascination on the electronic music tendencies that were changing rapidly. His research directed him to create an exquisite musical taste for dark techno and 80’s disco music. Over the years, he had the opportunity to attended Aftersoul Records music studio, twice a week. This label, originally from Quito-Ecuador, was where he started building knowledge about music production and beat matching from three extremely talented producers: Jose German, Enrique Vela and Frank Johnson. After two years of hard work led by the best tutors, he started to produce his own sounds. However, he was not ready to start his own music career, since he was trying to find his own characteristic sound and conceptual idea of what he wanted to be. He knew that it would be an extensive excursion of education to accomplish until he started doing music on his own. With a fertile intellect continuously developing music ideas of what he learned, and while the time was passing by, Jarrin started to create his own music trademark founded on 80’s synthesizers ambiances, melodic techno bass lines, and peculiar combinations of disco percussion. These elements gave a remarkably deep melodic techno atmosphere to his creations. Now, after all he has overcome, Jarrin is creating his own spot to promote his work and introduce himself as a new musical proposal.