- Fede Kora


Federico Cocchiara aka Frederik Krs, Fede Kora, Reddj, Red Skin, Federosso, Redrox, is a Deejay-Producer, Author and composer of Dance, Progressive-house, Electro- house, Trance and also Pop tracks, whose musical career set out in 1995.In 2006 he releases his first Dance single “Dance is my love”, on BIT Records, played on M2O and selected for many national and foreign compilations (Austria, Switzerland, Germany ...).With Fabio Amoroso of M2O, he produces “Love Don’t Come Easy” and “Without You”. His discs are played by national and international radio and selected in some compilations of House and Progressive music.One of his projects, “The End”, is remixed by the international Producer Maurizio Gubellini and is published on Smilax Records. He also cooperates for the second single of the project Hard In Tango. “Tomorrow” is released with the SAIFAM Group.For info about Fede Kora visit his facebook profile "Frederik Krs"