- Fdh


Born in Argentina during the 80’s, German Friedrich has been a music addict since he was a kid. Being drawn to several different styles such as Rock & Roll, Punk Rock, and Old School Hip-Hop, he knew in his heart that music was his calling. At the age of 14, he enrolled in music lessons and learned how to play the bass, playing in a band for a few years with friends from high school and his neighbourhood. After the band dissolved he spent many years looking for his own way to make music, eventually falling in love with Minimal and Techno sounds. He decided to start producing electronic music, and started his project under the alias Fdh. Motivated by weird mental scenarios, strange and subliminal messages, his tracks are laced with powerful bass, strong percussion, and dark energetic synths. Fdh’s music puts you in touch with your dark side, starting his journey on Creepy Finger Records, with lots more to come.