- Falomir!


When you listen to the music of Falomir!, you soon realize that his music is inspired by each of the cultures from which this artist has breathed...The nephew of a guitarist and flamenco singer, most of his family are from the South of Spain which may account for his immense passion for this art form.The way he expresses himself when making his music reflects this culture and heritage.His distinctive sound is coloured with strokes from various moments of his life, his travels and his experiences. Music always tells you a story.He was resident dj for Pacha and lived several years in Ibiza playing in places such as Space Ibiza, Privilege, Bora Bora, Blue Marlin, SoundPark Festival in Punta Arabi (Hippy Market).Resident DJ during one year for Pacha Valencia.Now he presents Coco Undergroove. His brand new record label, created in London & inspired by the wild. A hidden place for electronic music lovers that allows you to travel without moving.