- Fakir


Fakir is 1/4th of the @intransikbeats-techno CollectiveAlongside Minimal Entropy, Vince Lorenz and Steven LorenzFakir was born in Brussels in January 1990. After havinglived in Belgium, Hong-Kong and France, Fakir moved toBeijing in 2006, where he stopped the violin and took upproduction. Upon moving to Shanghai in 2007, Fakir met thelikes of Minimal Entropy and Vince and Steven Lorenz.Altogether, they explored the world of Production andsequencers. A year later, Intransik Beats was born.In 2009, Fakir started studying Creative Music Technology atBath Spa university, where he explored different areas ofthe music industry, along with perfecting his productionskills. Fakir’s tracks vary, ranging from Chillout andsoundscapes to Minimal Techno and pure minimal beats.Along with the other members of Intransik, Fakir’s tracks areusually very dark and groovy. Expect a hard, deep kick, arolling bassline, dreamy melodies and complex percussions,atmospheres and an emphasis on textural elements. Withinteresting transitions and a flowing track selection, Fakir’ssets will never cease to surprise you, and keep you on yourtoes all night long.Record label : Freitag Limited // Dark and SonorousRecordings // Parallel 125 // Techmatiq Records