- Fabio Martello


Fabio Martello born in Cagliari in 1978, started his passion for music at age 12. His first approaches to electronic music by listening to artists born in the electronic scene such as Kraftwerk, Jean Michelle Jarre, Art of Noise. Completely self begins first steps as a DJ in 1994 he started working in radio as a DJ and programmer also alternates her passion for parties and clubs around. Thanks to the passion for computers started to have more and more live approach with electronic music through the use of 'Instant Music Electronic Arts, until you get to use applications such as trackers, and Amiga. In 2005, after a total of more than four years away from the music scene, driven by friendship and irrepressible passion for music and technology to be shared, dedicated to the musical landscape Instant Music concentrating mainly on her work on genres ranging from Techno to Minimal the Electronics until arriving to the sound of heavy Detroit. Thanks to the many foreign trips and the friendships that grow in music, Fabio Martello space can be making out in different musical situations with unexpected success. With experience gained over the years Fabio Martello is a DJ appreciated and respected by many, who knows him describes him as a talent full of inventive ideas and who knows how to entertain.