- Fabien Shinobi


Fabien C. Shinobi, started his never ending love story with the turntables in 2000. Due to hard work, perseverance and his love for electronic music, what started as a hobbit, quickly turned into a professional career. In the mid 2000's, Montreal was possessed by those dirty tribal beats and this House Music TSUNAMI took away Shinobi for ever. Being a hard worker, extreme partygoer and a super talented musician, everybody knew who was the new kid on the scene. Even while under legal age, Shinobi had many residencies in some of montreal hottest clubs like: Stereo Bar, Space, Time Supperclub & More. Late 2000's, after delivering one of his best live performance on toronto gay pride, the seed was planted which will finally put Fabien Shinobi on the international level. Since then, Fabien has been touring across Vietnam, China, Japan ,New Zealand, Mexico making his never ending nights go on & on. Year 2012, was the most relevant year for Shinobi's career. but this time, the producer inside him was unleashed. In a year, Fabien Shinobi, the Dj, the father & the producer, signed over 30 of his very own productions under some of the world most elite record labels. Such as: Muzik x-press, Soulman music, Bonzai,Yellowjax recordings, miami underground and many more.. Like it wasn't enough, Shinobi decided to share his passion and his love for electronic music by hosting a weekly radio show starring some of the world's best new young talents. Stay tune for the official launching.