- F&E


In the mutant world, if Friendz&Enemiez were fused as one entity, they would form as the powers and shape of X Man Remmy LeBeau who’s malformed powers lie in the essence of rollicking good times. And in the world of music, F&E take male bonding to the dancefloor through the deepest levels of musical energy, using the raw power of hard edged beats. F&E are connoisseurs of meters, thieves of souls and self confessed ladies men. They know how to create the perfect space with outrageous times, pushing the boundaries of tech trance and adding their signature sounds to form their unique brand of hard tech trance. T hey pace between 128 to 155BPMs, besiege these high energy beats with tumultuous frequencies amid uplifting melodies, and set it to high voltage lasers. The current F&E generate is always fun; hard hitting, and relentless. Through elecronic bio kinetics and an assortment of New Era caps, they bring a special brand of cheekiness to their sets. From hard dance through trance to house and electro, F&E give a whole new significance to the genre ‘trouse’. Bringing a genuine lovefor rhythm, pace and beat to the table, they bring the fun of all dance worlds to the system. They augment this with a big room festival sound, banging basslines and epic big room synths to discharge the aura of mad party vibes from behind the wheels of steel.First inspired by such local heroes as Baby Gee, Remmy and Beau were driven to live the beats of the DJ/ Producer, though it was the harder edgier side of dance that caught their imaginations. It would be from the DJ sets and the production techniques of international names such as Marcel Woods and Organ Donors however, where F&E would acquire their polish. With the prestige that comes as residents of Queensland’s #1 Club, The Family, F&E have acquired an underground cult status that sees them perform at every festival and major event in Queensland.Armed with an arsenal of albums, extraordinary powers on the decks and tastes for many styles of music, F&E bring the spirit of hard partying to the dancefloor; a technique that sees them performing across a scope of events, from Defqon1 to Godskitchen, with guest spots featuring on Radio Metro and QDance Australia. F&E are truly unique to the Australian dancescape. Indeed, F&E have forged successful DJ careers, triumphing through music’s obstacles to attain their goals, with a focus firmly upon the distinction found in production. Along with their boisterous madhouse persona behind the decks, F&E have captured the essence of the dance floor and fused this with hard beats, tidy mixing, effervescent song selection and a nose for quality production levels. They are always the X Men of rollicking good times and stand out as Queensland’s demons de la daunse musique.Written by Lady Lex