- Ezeo


Ezeo is part of a new wave of talent descending from Iceland. Although there are many things that mark him and his home country as unique, it is the universal desire to connect people under a feeling that really drives him.He formed the VIBES collective in his home country who became regulars at the cities top clubs and despite the individual members spreading their wings across Europe maintain a radio show on Icelandic underground station XTRA.With things popping off at home the lure of Berlin and being as close to the pulse of European club culture as can be became too strong. He moved to the city in 2017, quickly becoming part of the scene.Island folk need many skills and Ezeo is no different, and in his new home, as well as crafting an arsenal of club ready tracks and remixes for release on a host of labels. He has in 2017 launched his own imprint, Pangaea Nights with Brazilian DJ and kindred spirit Ezequiel. The nights welcoming everyone under great music.