- Eyptin Wholi


Eyptin Wholi is a low-res electronic noise, ambient pop and a progressive textures musician. The electronic fuzzes are so prominent on his music. Dark basslines and an ever-growing drone maintains the threatening atmosphere. Upbeat ambient electropop music with fuzz worms its way back in and some haunting church-like backing vocals shroud it in mysterious darkness feeling. Soft thumps and a slow fuzzy monotone are present too. This is eventually joined by haunting whistles wich gives a space-age atmosphere, almost like an alien feel. Distorted music with clicks and drum rolls mismatched together. The electronic chimes resemble a fly buzzing around a room with their constant volume changing. Eyptin Wholi and the ominous feeling builds in the electronica. In most of Eyptin’s music, there are many layers to it which all merge together in a finale that brings out every element individually. The synths are constant as is the melody which is sustained over. His music has that anticipating quality to it almost as if it’s the introduction to a dramatic event. There is a definite continued space-age music with a UFO type backing.