- Evoso Sonido


He is name is Csaba Kovacs aka Evoso Sonido.He was born in Dunaujvaros (Hungary) on 24. october 1974.He moved to UK in 2008 for a better quality of life,where he found the sources how to become more professional in music industry.He had on synth-pop and techno-pop music influence from his teenage years when he decided to dedicate to music.His idols been Depeche Mode,Camouflage,Kraftwerk...First it was just for hobby and with the time he started getting more in to the details.Bought special equipment to became more professional.His first track was released in march 2013 by Midnight Mood Recordings.Until today he had 10 released track all over in the world from house to techno.His released tracks: - The Circle of Life (Midnight Mood Recordings)- I Feel The Music (Cue Digital Records)- Monotonous Life (Cue Digital Records)- Planet Earth (Friky Bears Recording)- In The Depths Of My Soul (Friky Bears Recording)- Medusa (Vainglory Recordings)- On The Forest Edge (Friky Bears Recording)- Over The Moon (Friky Bears Recording)- You and Me (Friky Bears Recording)- Amen (Oxytech Records)- I need You (Apparatus Vivere Records)- Let the Bass (Remix edition,Apparatus Vivere Records)