- Evolent


Evolent could very well be called the positive result of a long-term friendship between Lauri Meyer and Ron Rüegg, both hailing from the steep highlands of Zurich, Switzerland. But that would leave out major parts of a large story! Evolent essentially unites the musical ideas and preferences of Lauri and Ron, who day after day invent new inspiring elements from all ranges of music and sound design. They combine their different backgrounds and complement each other in an excellent way; wether in the studio, live on stage or as a dj-team. Their performance does not limit itself to producing and performing as djs only. A hardware based, 100% notebook free live act allows for spontaneous interaction with the crowd on a dance floor. One could truly say that Evolent are reaching out to the people around the planet! Evolent stands for continuous progression; an endless search for new sounds and musical elements. New rhythms are mixed together with existing pieces, to eventually get to anot her level where some new sound is born.