- Evil J


Hailing from the deep southern hills of East-Central Missi"DIRTY"ippi, from an early age, then a **not so EviL** J was exposed to all types of music, from the modern to the past. Starting his pre teen years as a classical violinist until he sold his violin to buy his first guitar amp, the Peavey Classic 20, from then until his highschool years, J rocked a number of Punk Rock to Blues Rock to Heavy Metal bands. In 2001 J used a good chunk of his College Loan to buy his first set of turntables and mixer, plus the only 5 electronic records he could find in his home town, just in time for the SoutherBassMovement! A true musician, J eats, sleeps and breaths music, and despite been quite new to the producing side of electronic music, J has stirred a loud buzz across the net landing him a deal with GRINDHAUS Records and a spot among some of his favorite DJs and gaining him followers from every continent. Soon after J and TEKK formed their own Breakbeat label "Pop N Lock Records" which merged with GRINDHAUS Records in early 2017. The sky is now the limit!! This is truly a DJ in his prime.