- Equaxion


Giuseppe Taddei born in Rome the 10.2.1980. Grown in a family of musicians and lyric singers are for a long time been absorbed in the world of the music, son of an is in fact ex soprano of the choir of the RAI and grandson of the famous baritone Joseph Taddei. Impassioned of technology and of music electronics acquires the first turntables to the age of 14 years and start as DJ. He to the beginning takes an interest only of Dance music but his attention moves almost immediately on the Techno, Trance, Dn'B, IDM . He starts to learn alone and he produces any demo using very simple equipments but he succeeds however to give an imprint to his works. In the year 2000 produces the his first single for Eclypserecords: A.D.2000 - Time Passage (ecps005). After have worked for any years in the clubs, playing Dn'B music prevalently, having renewed his equipment he devotes itself to the production. Produce an ep for the weblabel Nuke Satori using the Equaxion alias. (Equaxion - MindMod (Nuke020): http://www.nukesatori.org/webproductions.htm). In September 2010 goes out a his production titled Aenema mea for the Belgian label Camouflage. In 2011, produce any remixes for the following productions on Eclypserecords label: Max&co - Energa (Equaxion D&b Mix ) Massimo Salustri - Thaiti (Equaxion Mix ) In November 2011, its new production for Eclypserecords: Magnetar


200 Best of Dubstep Tracks 2014
Butterfly Crash, Skillexx, Basstiraden, Fr33m4n, Dubsection, 7Too, Leonardo Da Vinyl, Almamegretta, Nicolas Bourbaki, Biscope, TKR, Binary, Callan Maart, Hillberg, Divkid, Teielte, The Mass Brothers, NLP, M-force, Nomurai, Brothers Grinn, Sabata, Haunted Code, Mr. Bong, Animal Mother, Candy Shop, Alexxi, Brain Rock, H!B Hop, Mike Goldberg, William Burstedt, Alexis Phade, Melodik, Kinetical Mc, Tenrec, Letherdive, Lab Of Music, Crootz, Bob Lee, Tomtation, Philomena, Mr. Fu, Tom Tesla, Alex Milex, High Dudes, Quba, X-Shok, Bukez Finezt, Wizcutz, I Carl, Gantcho, Red Glow, Sqz Me, Enigmatic Euphoria, The Autobots, Mokushi, No Limits Project, Mashtoko, Red Flood, Bipper, Mistah Nerf, Nikolai Stolz, Steve Mazagatti, Soulskream, Last Hope, Exabreak, Durty Bassette, Scanner Dubz, Unbloomed, Zentoy, Power, Bass Estate, Cybrq, Algoreythm, X-Stylez, Two-m, Eridanus, Keisha, Vegas House, Psylocyber, Frozen Smoke, Dario Synth, April Raquel, Classi, Eyesman, Tumor, Voidh, Sadhu, Hansel Thorn, Audiophile 021, Kanedubstep, Dreena, Urenga, Nigel Jones, Ill-Esha, I-Cue, Basskiller, Foolskape, Spektrum-Gebeit, Freak Slaughter, Depthcharge, Chanda Ngoi, Dyna, High Tech Soul, Orbeat, Dub Lemon, Zubee, Ill K, Lowmax, Chez D'floor, DJ Kayowa, Alien Pimp, Bromide Dub, Pcm, Manik, Sir Morbit, 2Shade, Adam Schock, Moxix, Abort Retry Fail, Acrylite, Dissocioo, Draxter, Antidemokrat, Sabbas, Justicious, Lj, Triii Force, Add Novikov, Igness, T.I.L.F., A.W.S, Dirty Stab, Sugg The Mc, Sephora 13, Plicherss, Genetix, Skydro, Showcase, Meko DJ, Mightiness, Clerk, Lacood, Enough Weapons, Budzak, Daniel Drumz, Paranoizes, Niko Rivera, Santiago Fernandez, Electrik Soul, Mad Armstrong, Dead Like Elvis, Trackhed, Matteo Pellino, Massimo Salustri, Saser, Nasher, Symbiz Sound, T.R.O., Mina, Jed Rabid, Neil Nessel, Stubborn Ahole, The Dubsection, Subjazz, Sharps, Letagere, Machineform, Opake, Night Monsta, Harsher, Neg & Pech, Toxed, Black Jake, Pip Williams, FP in Dub, Relate, Grubby, 12Th Canvas, Liver, Soulskream, Audiophile 021, Captcha Bless, Gimbal, Sinan, FeTOo, Balkansky, Statelapse, Animal Mother, Mode Orchestra, Hillberg, Skrillberg, Dubtek, Oicho, Chanda Ngoi, Fukk Up!, Tom Encore, Ill_k, Papuga, Kommander Keen, I&I Productions, Brothers Grinn, ZmoKingZ, Keosz, Final Cut, Tom Corman, Ruslan Flash, Undershell, I-Cue, Melodik, Teielte, Alvaro Ernesto, Sabretooth Mad, Equaxion, Vlad Solovjov, Kingthing
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