- Eoin Brennan


Eoin Brennan AKA (this Guy Ben) Is the Co founder and Artist behind Second Nature Records. From Djing in Clubs like Recycle in the 90′s in San Francisco with guys like Scott Hard Kiss to holding weekly Residencies with Hed Kandi Dj’s, to Playing in One of Belfasts most infamous hotspots Kinetik, Eoin has always been involved. My Influence came from David Holmes and his Club Sugar Sweet in the 90′s. I then was involved Artistically with Desy Balmer and his Label Nice n Nasty, which is still going strong and a benchmark for Techno in Ireland”.THis showed me how hard you have to work to build a brand but im up for the challenge. ‘ Eoin then got into Production as a natural path around 06. Since then he has has several releases on various labels including his Kinky Digital release People power which got the Track of the week in the Daily Mirror and big shouts from Promo. Eoin Now wants to focus all his energy into making the label as successful as humanly possible and really lo oks forward to the the ups and downs that go along with all that.