- Enzo Aeternal


PRODUCER/DJ : From Rome IT based in Noumea (NewCaledonia) after a decade playing guitar in a punk band and bass in a reggae bands,Started playing TRANCE MUSIC whilst travelling in GOA 86-92 For the past 20 years he played in many psytrance party and collaborated with many international dj’s and musicians. . release 2 album , various single tracks and signed some compilation "psytrance" under the name AETERNAL,,, Visiosonic MMH RECORDS (ITA) ( 2008 ) Grooveydelika Vol 2 ( MMH RECORDS (ITA) 2010 ) Come On Over INTERFACE RECORDS (MEX) ( 2011) End of 2011 start a new project called “INNOVA” with his partner Nicolas Thevenet more deep house , minimal tech. the project release some single tracks in label like MOXI REC HEADBOX RECORDS and TOTEM RECORDS and appeared in various compilation beginning 2013 start a solo project called ENZO AETERNAL more progressive tech house and start to release with TOTEM RECORDS ,,,a life for music.