- Enrico Sturm


Enrico Sturm is an italian dj and producer, born and raised in the north of the country, obsessed with Electronic Music.He started mixing Hardcore, Trance and Drum'n'Bass when he was a just a young boy on an older friend's turntables then, growing, started focusing on House and Techno, after some travels in Frankfurt and Ibiza.After some years spent both playing and organising (not so) small parties between Milan, Bergamo and Modena, he becames a solid musical reference in clubs like: Circolo Magnolia, Dude, Alter Ego, Mazoom, Amigdala, Daho, Qi, Setai, Arteria, Vanilla (CH)...Ez worked with promoters like Laserblast, Dalmen Calling, Spoon and UP Sundays, then in 2016, together with Ivory & Early Morning, started the Nowhere Music project: not just a club night, but a musical imprint and (soon) a label.Enrico's musical tastes are very open and in continuous evolution, but can't be labeled: from smooth, romantic and deep House records, to stormy, Progressive and brainwashing ones, from beatless Rhapsodies, to the most ambitious contemporary Techno tracks.Always avoiding music which has no soul and spending as much time as possibile to catch precious records from the past.