- Emotion Coder


Emotion Coder is a creative project of Victor Marak(www.victormarak.in) , where he explores differentdimensions of obscure electronic music infused with a lot offeel power.Victor Marak is a computer security researcher andelectronic musician who spares nothing in terms oftechnology to get the sound he wants, admittedly keepingthe workflow very streamlined. He started tinkering withelectronics and software, music theory, music compositionand piano music as early as 9 years old and has fondmemories 'inventing' things and making detailed reports ofthem. T hat aptitude and zero fear of technology enabled himto master the craft of music theory/music technology by hismid-teens.Growing up in 90's Metropolitan India in the VIP Governmentresidences, using the most basic of audio equipment, hisuncle's comprehensive 70's rock vinyl collection, importedtapes and cds from the states and curated purchases fromthe 90's Indian cassette market; deep exposure to frenchmusic, coupled with a home environment of exposure tostrong Indian sounds like Rabindra Sangeet- gave him theideal fodder for experimentation and composition in thesonic realm. Post college, he became part of Kolkata (India)based electronic outfit Tablatronics (temporarily defunct)making a melange of western sounds combined with EastIndian sounds from his hometown with a focus on liveperformances with Indian percussion, keyboards, turntables,rapping and singing.He is now pursuing his own projects (still has a day job...)with a firm focus on the underbelly sonic inspirations thatpercolate his excursions.