- EmoBoys


EmoBoys(Emotion Boys) are a duo born and bred in the east side of Johannesburg city,the Eastrand in a conserved yet historical township called Katlehong. These boys we're brought together by the similar deep passion of creating the art of music(2006) but have been Best friends three years prior from when they realised their love for dance music.They would frequently help each other sneek out of their houses @ night just so they can attend streetbashes and parties for the sake of listening to the deep,soulful and jazzy tunes the dj would serve for the night. This duo comprises of respectively : Zola EmoBoys Phiri and Munkiza EmoBoys Tshabalala. These boys starting attending music seminars and starting teaching each other how to use various digital music production programs Online.Realising the seriousness of their Love for Dance music they studied music and grasped a lot from their pastor who owned a Recording studio and explored every resource to enhance their skill in music production. By 2010 these Boys were well seasoned housemusic producers and starting as djs,playing their very own material. Up until the present date these boys have become a force to be recond with bringing You Dance floor fillers and vibrant,deep,eccentric,soulful and jazzy sounds like : NOVA REC(Main Mix) etc. Sharing stages with legends and their music on high rotations every single weekends on prominent radio platforms like The urban beat on metro Fm,Y-Fm,5fm etc. Zola Phiri and Munkiza Ollen Tshabalala (EmoBoys) are here to make South Africa a #1 stop shop for good House music.