- Elodie Kirsten


ELODIE KIRSTEN is a young DJ - producer of the South of France.Fascinated by the music and the great worker, Elodie create his techno / minimal musical styles /, which will allow him to play in the famous night club as: The KIOSK or VILLA ROUGE & BREAK CLUB without forgetting the Gay Pride Montpellier where 18,000 people listen to his music.Recently, she devoted herself to prod his first track was signed to the RECORD Label Phantom.Evolving artist Elodie Kirsten is an artist to follow ...In 2013 she create the Evening @ BREAK CLUB TOXIC"PLAYSURE" and guest DJs trusted name such as RAMON TAPIA and many others, to follow ....In 2014 she spent Residente BREAK CLUB (Montpellier), and will have the chance to play DJ dimension as MARTIN EYERER, NICOLE MOUDABER, EGBERT, PAN POT, DROPLEX ,MARC ROMBOY, LOUIE CUT, ST EPHANBODZ IN, RAMON TAPIA, SPEKT RE, FOREST PEOPLE, DAVID T EMESSI, MANU LE MALIN, AVROSSE, KOLOMBO ,LOULOU PLAYERS, PHUNK iNVEST IGAT ION, T ONI VARGA, DE LA SWING, CARDO & ELIA, RODRIGUEZ JR, LUIGI MADONNA, FORMAT.B, DENSE & PIKA and many others ...SICK BEAT Z MUSIC / FIERCE ANIMALS / PHÄNT OM RECORDS / EUN RECORDS / BOOMBEATS RECORDS / ELEKT IKA RECORDS