- Elina Milan


Elina Milan is a songwriter, vocalist and co-writer of electronic music tracks. Having come from a musical background, she felt a special connection with the world of music from an early age. Inspired by pop songs of the 90’s she started writing lyrics and her own melodies. But because she was a straight-A student she didn't have free time to think about it seriously. In 2008 a friend gave her a mix CD from one of the World's Biggest Dance Music Festivals: Trance Energy. And finally, it helped her to realize that the time has come to start doing what she really has a passion for. That mix inspired her to start building her own studio. "And it was the only one reason why I went to work in a boring office. Working there 3 months I managed to save up enough money to buy a Professional Audio Interface and Studio Mic" - she laughs. Focusing on collaboration with EDM producers, Elina first began experimenting with trance music. After that, she was signed by 2 record labels and released a few tracks. Also, she’s been making all kinds of DJ jingles for a long time. Her ultimate dream as a music artist is to take her rightful place in the EDM scene and collaborate with some of the world’s best DJs/Producers. Elina is currently working on new material and recording vocal for the next releases.