- Electro Foundation


A project that mixes deep melodies from trance and house with dirty basses from electro is the definition for Electro Foundation. These 17 years old boys from Brasil have already been at the 35th place on Trackitdown top charts and 65th at DjDownloads. They received feedback from notorious producers like Z edd, Soulfix and T he Frederik about their releases on Beatport. They also took part on Big Alliance Records radio show "Diskonnected", where guys like Alex Mind, Lazy Rich and Ftampa have played.Soon, new stuff will be coming up, on huge labels.


Cycling Sport Sounds, Vol. 2
Andrew Spencer, Red 5, Porter Robinson, The Glitterboys, Nastytunez, Dr. Kucho!, Sunrider, DiscoBastardz, Clubsukkerz, Turner, PDJ, Earl, Indygo, Antoine Montana, Pat Lawson, Electro Pumpin, Geeno Fabulous, Young Sixx, Kendy, Suite 610, Rob Estell, Chico Del Mar, DJ Base, Kishin, DJ Diavolo, Tony Dynamite, Calabria, Stereoliner, South Blast!, Vinylrockerz, DJ Saphire Project, Disco Deejays, Candy Sandy, Ella Tyler, Sven Laakenstyk, Crazy Z Projects, Cirque Du Freak, Souleye, Sodad, Rough Edit, Maylena, White, Manuel Lauren, Krafft DJ Team, DJ Tax, Earl & Turner, Joss Dominguez, Kdeeja, Daylight, Alan Pride, Microchip, Tian Winter, Fr33m4n, Rascal MC, Ron Ravolta, Damion Davies, Virus, D.F.P., Brisby & Jingles, Alex Oskin, Klangweber, Vinylriders, Wittendoerfer, Roomworks, Steve Smoke, Sandy Candide, The Mass Brothers, DJ Ruub, Bassive, Philipp Kox, D-JMC, Dancefire, Vitamaniac, Laera, DJ Limano, Audioshackers, Steven Sanders, Michele Cimino DJ, DJ Knut, Gaetano Fabri, Smith, Mike, Hornyshakerz, Ya Funk, Hilda7, I Gotika, Eric Chase, Hans O Matic, Amsterdam Funk, Eddy Hard, DiscoBastardz, Kid Alexx, Sunrider, Marcus, Schulz, Funkk Frikz, Club DJ Team, Stereoliner, Sven Laakenstyk, Ne!tan, Little-H, Vinylrockerz, Bootmasters Classic, Mezzo, Soulfunky, Rob Estell, Ron Ravolta, Calabria, Les Domaines, Only Jack Jones, Cuba Club, Turner, Earl, Ortega, Gold, Pete Sunset, Sincinaty, Jake Johnson, Steve Kid, Aboutblank, KLC, Martijn Kuilema, 2phaze, Zombies For Money, Igness, Electro Foundation, DJ Vega Revival, Oscar De La Fuente, Maxx Gattano, Drunk, Brilliant's Maximus, Shazalakazoo, DJ Sakin, El Baile
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