- Ela H.


Ela H. grown up in a small village near Berlin. After finishing school with her A-level she moved to Berlin to study economics. She discovered her passion for electronic music through friends from the DJ & Clubscene in Berlin. Because of her passion, she recognised her desire to express her personality, her way of life and her attitude with her own sound. Inspired by frequent stays in Ibiza, London and Miami she starts to develop her own style and to entertain her own crowd. Her mixing skills were not longer a secret and bookings at Helene Beach Festival, Suicide Circus (Berlin), Weidendamm (Hannover), Die Nacht (Mönchengladbach), Les Jeudis Electro (France), Silencio (Genf), Salon zur Wilden Renate and many more were the consequence. Pushed through this development she published her first own production on Quadriga recently 2015. Her style of music is based by a lot of in uneces from the past time till she nally found her own style. The mix of Minimal and driving Tech-House and Techno is always a guarantee for a great night experience with her all over. That’s why she shared several venue’s together with Richie Hawtin, HITO, Super Flu, Dapayk and more. Be ready....