- Egokind


Just two and a half years ago the 22-year-old Jan Hammele started to stand behind the dj desk and put together his first tracks on the computer. Egokind belongs to the so-called younger generation, the composers of tomorrow, those who make sound and music to their profession. He is currently studying audio design to further professionalize his musical skills. With the premiere of his live set at the end of last year, he has proven that it can handle new challenges and make rapid steps forward. He lets many styles slip in his works and sets, provides a diverse sound and tracks for every mood, from summer to winter, from sadness to euphoria. Egokinds music is colorful, multi-faceted and always innovative. With various ingenious built-in sound elements and effects Egokind concentrates his skills in techno music, but is also open for many musical directions. As unique as his sound is his expression: "... robot wasps, bubbling, lots of noise and of course fluffy 8-bit synths".