- Eggo


"I like the idea of considering music as being close to literature, and especially to lyric poetry. All the more so as poetry has long retained close ties with music when it was still in its early age. "Lyricism" is basically what is found in my compositions: a subjective expression of my own feelings .In my opinion, the fact of giving more importance to "the Self" ("ego" in Latin) emphasizes spontaneity and makes art more expressive. I draw those emotions which inspire me and play an important part in my music from the world that surrounds me, from things that reassure or torment me: nature, solitude, relationships, a singular place... I therefore interpret the inner voices that drive me on and transcribe them in a familiar mode of expression: rhythms and sound textures.Despite this tone of confidence, my music keeps an universal dimension in which the listener can empathize and recognize himself. Thus, according to the interpretations and personalities, a track never tells the same story twice, so well that everyone's mind remain free."