- Edwar


Artist born in 1985. Starts to be interested in the very youngmusic influenced by producers like Valentino kanzyani, andits Recycled loops label, without forgetting producing theFrame Carola, Marko Nastic, Hertz and other artists. Its firstcontact with turntables was in 2004. After several years,Edwar acquires a purified mix technique creating a definedstyle based on techno, but with minimalist characteristicsthat clear the electronic thing. This allows him that in 2006 itis interested in the production and it maintains relation withmembers of the group feelthetrip, very known in the Galicianscene. It is going to be in this year when he get his first DJresidence in an afterhours in Lugo, that will motivate to himto concentrate in the production. It was making activities inan afterhour called - Strong- and in two clubs in Lugo too, -Mystic- and - bleep- without forgetting the –Metro- club inSarria and the - Kopas- club in Foz.Its main aim is the funand the continuous learning supporting to all related ofmusic.