- Ecibel


Emil Runesdotter (Sweden, 1987) is artist Ecibel.His rhythm and heritage is from Trinidad and Tobago, where his mother was born.Already at young age, he became addicted to electronic music. I didn’t take long till he discovered EDM also on parties.Emil started to produce electronic music in year 2016, creating styles as Hard Dance, Ambient, Psytrance and old school HardstyleLike Emil likes to say: ”Music to me is all about the love, feelings, rhythms and experience in electronic dance music.I create my music just to see people dancing and enjoying my grooves and rhythms at the dance floor. I just love to lean back with my large studio- headphones, monitors and enjoying some of my acid and tribal sounds. Now it's your turn to do the same.Enjoy!”https://www.beatport.com/artist/ecibel/605061 https://soundcloud.com/ecibel https://twitter.com/LEZAMAboyHQ