- [e]rik_MnMl


Erik Chiarella (Alias [e]rik_MnMl):Born On August 12,1986 APenne (Pescara), Even Back When He Was Young I Felt AGreat Passion For Different Types Of Music SuchAs:Jazz,Tecno,Elettronic!! At Age 10 He Began A Journey OfKnowledge Of Music And Has Found Immediate Interest InSound Alex Under,Bruno Pronsato,Magda,SvenVath,Monoblock,Marco Carola Etc .... In T he Course BuiltBetween And Receipts In Relation With T he World Ofmusic,Playing In Private Party,Dancing ....Until You Get In T heManufacturing World, Becoming Part Of International FameAs T he Label:OVERDRIVE,SETA,NOLOGIK,UNDERSCORE,11HZ ,INMINIMAX,ESCAPISM,T RACEREtc.... Trying To Create A Kind Of Music T hat Has AlwaysLoved Come:Jazz Minimal TechnoDJ, PRODUCER, ITALIAN REMIXER OF DanielePetronelli_Angy Kore_Min&Mal_Tommi Bass_Worda_DanielGorziza_Andres Gil_Morry_HiroyukiArakawa_Maxdal_Gabriel Boni_SpoonyD_Autoboy_Play&Loop_Basciu_AlejandroTrebor_Darpa_Sintek_ BOOKING & REMIX REQUESTerikchiarella@hotmail.itBOOKING PART Y & REMIX Contact:erikchiarella@hotmail.it