- Dyan K


Dyan K was born in Cuba on february 1986, he was very interested in music since childhood, his dad gave him a tape player/recorder to listen to cassettes and he decided to record/copy daddy's music for himself, that's how his passion started. When he was 10 years old his parents moved him to Costa Rica, there he felt in love with electronic music and that involved him as a DJ in localparties. In 2015 Richie Hawtin featured on his twitter a mastering done by Dyan K on Bruno Furlan's track "Better than carnival" from his label Side B Underground. In 2016 he had the opportunity to have a set in Frisky Radio. He also had the chance to play at important Costa Rican parties/clubs and he did the opening for a recognized international female DJ in Torre Geko. He is interested in projecting an outstanding sound quality and create healing beats for the crowd to release stress and problems from daily life. His producer career started since 2009, combining ethnic sounds, percussions, synths & dark basslines. He always had passion for House, Techno, Deep, Progressive & Tribal styles, he followed artists like Luca Ricci, Glender, DJ Diego Palacio, Richard C, Beyond Horizons, Downtown, DJ Ademar, Rishi K, Rauschhaus, Audiofly, Loco Dice and more... His labels has gained support from recognized artists like Richie Hawtin, Cristian Varela, DJ DEP, Anderson Noise, D- Formation, Hermanez, Babak Shayan, Nima Gorji, Dirty Culture, Alex Young, CiuPy & Mihai Bejenaru, Fabio Genito, Marques Wyatt, Lunde Bros, Kaiser Souzai, Gianluca Catra, Dahu, Juanfra Muñoz, Jack Carter, Veronika Fleyta, Abicah Soul aka Stax, Zacharias Tiempo, Trommer, Marga Sol, Nicolas Dales, Ricky kk, Cristiano de Luca aka ArchivOne, Ale Monaceli, Tropical Twista Records, Lerio Corrado, GrooveANDyes, Cj Peeton, Sean Buckley, MAR-K. He is considered a dancefloor curator in many places he visited. He is now making parties with his friends and mixing beats of his labels Side B Underground & Amazonian Ethnic Recordings!