- Dubtune


“DUBTUNE” was born 1987 in Germany. He was born neither with turntables nor with a mixer. Till he was 12 years old he heard Hiphop. After this, his 12 years older brother influenced him with electronic music. He showed him the first steps with the 12 inch vinyl and turntables. With 16 years he visited his first Techno party at one of the legendary clubs in germany. Due to a strong passion to this music he decided to buy his own turntables and a mixer to start playing the sound he was loving. He worked extremely hard to perfect his beatmatching and mixing. Finally he recorded a DJ Set and applied himself with it at several clubs around his province. After a short time he got his first booking. The gig was successful and the audience were so impressed with the sound he was playing that the club owner decided to book DUBTUNE for one of the next parties. This is how his DJ career started and made him popular around his province. End of 2010 he started with Fabian S, a very good friend, to produce techno music with their own style. After a short time they were successful and released a track on Butane Records, an Beatport exclusive label. At the same time DUBTUNE also created his own label called CLUBTRONICA Records which is reflecting his taste. CLUBTRONICA is also an successful event agency in Germany, Northrhine-Westphalia.