- Dubcrash


First gains through the early evening to allow Luca around to buy the first devices that will install at home first, and later in his studio.Among his many records especially remember one that has encountered an unexpected and overwhelming success in india and the disc titled SHANGAI.Now rooted and established a passion for his work to perfection begun studying all the programs to produce music. His experience and knowledge that will increase and more and more led him to complete his work becoming sound engineer.Finally after so many sacrifices able to open his first recording studio production where he continued his collaboration with various national and international labels.From there a short in that same study Luca knows a trusted friend with whom he enters into society after a few years by opening a recording studio in the old port of Genoa. Here we landed today in this multipurpose facility will provide courses to dj for the sound engineer that he himself followed. The rooms are all air conditioned and soundproofed in short, the leap and was evident in the future of this promising dj cel goal of put t ing t oget her a nice group of producers by making available his vast experience leading them to make noise in the music field and consequently to work with the world’s most famous labels.