- Dsyntech FTS


But WHO 'D-SYNTECH FTS?Fausto Trusso Sfrazzetto, aka "Dsyntech dj" I've been creating music since 1983. At age 15 she started playing for fun with a Casio keyboard. In 1989 he acquired his first MIDI ATARI computer and the following year he enrolled in a private piano course studying blues and classical piano. In the same year he joined SIAE, passing the entrance examination and obtaining the title of "author of lyrics and music". "Lotus" is its first record production, launched on the Italian market in 1993 and produced by an art director of Radio Italia Network. "Lotus finds great success both from the public and the critics, remaining for more than a month in the" Los quarantas "rating of the same radio station.Today I work with numerous labels, including ItalianWay and Label Dsyntech, and others.If you want to listen to the new track, take Link below.I love Serato because I do DJ for 20 years, development for me is very important!Thanks for reading my story.