- Dskotek


DSKOTEK is proving t o be t he people's choice! This year, the Los Angeles based Producing/DJ Duo was selected as winners in Insomniac's Discovery Project, landing them a DJ spot at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Performing for thousands at a time, however, is no unfamiliarity for DSKOTEK. They've rocked crowds all across north America, sharing the stage with many of EDM's top producers/Djs. DSKOTEK's performance gets the adrenaline pumping as they drop bass bombs all over the dance floor, leaving the crowd pleading for more. Just like their performance, their music captivates audiences around the world, utilizing a unique multi-genre style you can't find anywhere else. Their ability to blend heavy bass lines with melodic riffs, after finally sprinkling them with glitchy 8 bit samples, puts their production, musically, on a higher level where quality takes the form of creativity and artistic ingenuity.Release after release, their production has continually landed them spots on Beatport's Top 100 Electro- House Charts. Dskotek's fan base grows daily with support from more and more artists & Dj's constantly playing their music all over the world. Taking the EDM scene by storm, this bass-influenced duo isn't coming to a halt any time soon!