- Drumspyder


Bringing the drums to bellydancers, yogis, and the global dancefloor, Drumspyder weaves the rhythms and tonalities of the Mediterranean and the rhythmic energy of live Arabic percussion into a distinctive style of electronic dance fusion. He works in a broad range of tempos - from slinky & sexy downtempo through mid-tempo whomp to full-on tribal house.Originating in San Francisco's crucible of bellydance, bass culture, and world music fusion, Drumspyder has released 3 albums of original music (most recently "Kytheria" on Dakini Records) and has been a prolific remixer, lending his signature live percussion and melodic touch to the Desert Dwellers, the Spy from Cairo, and Jef Stott, with many more on the way. In addition, his music has been featured in numerous bellydance DVDs and theatrical productions.