- Dr.Nojoke


Frank Bogdanowitz aka Dr.Nojoke is an electronic music producer, composer and live-actborn in Berlin and stayed there since then.After many and wild experiments and experiences with bands he started to work solo under his moniker Dr.Nojoke. He produced diverse theatre-score, film-scores and trailers. Dr.Nojoke has released his music on labels such as Archipel, Pluie/Noir, Minim.All, Klangscheiben, UNOIKI, Autist, Resopal and many more.CLIKNOSince 2005 Dr.Nojoke has been working on technoid sound- sculptures defining a percussive, quirky, experimental micro- cut-up-music, he calls Clikno.Dr.Nojoke works with self-made sound-and field-recordings, which were processed, edited and re-arranged- researching on the field between lo-tech / hi-tech and acoustic / electronic sounds.LIVEDr.Nojoke ́s live show may feature instruments such as radio, crushed plastic bottles and souvenirs as Dr.Nojoke celebrates the joy of finding special sounds in everyday objects not usually appreciated for their musicality.PROJECT SUNOIKI - label-network-collective Anomali - solo dronescapes project Paralelo - live jam project with J-LabDr.Nojoke is serious about what he does, but doesn ́t take hisself too seriously.