- Double Impact DJ


Precious Kay (Kevin Christen) and Sin Gin Smythe (BennoLeuen-berger) both have had a successful career as DJs.They were always heading for better technique andimproved performances. It was just a matter of time to firstlymeet.In spring 2013 they coincidentally attended the sameMinistry of Sound International DJ Academy Swiss Edition.During this 2-day in-tensive DJ workshop Kevin and Bennoquickly discovered their com-mon vibes for Electronic DanceMusic and blasting DJing.Star DJ tutor Jonathan Lewis aka Ellaskins (known fromYoutube as "DJ Tutor") then so encouraged both to team up—DoubleImpact was born.As if talent would not be enough this back2back DJsimpress with its special attitude on stage. Kevin, now 21years old, and Benno, now ridiculous 50 years young, areacting as Daddy/Junior combo (abbreviated: DJ) which isunique in the scene.DoubleImpact has worked its way up Switzerland’s nightlifecircuit and has rocked the crowds at the hottest and mostoutstanding parties and clubs in Switzerland.The key to its steadily growing success is its totallydedicated format approach to mixing Electronic Dance Musictogether with their knowledge of club music, fueling its setswith energy and innovation.With their jam-packed agenda and a tireless work ethic,DoubleImpact is off to